Receive financial planning advice and portfolio management services from one of Australia’s largest and longest standing privately-owned ethical investment specialists

Portfolio management services

We offer a suite of portfolio management services to match your particular needs and objectives. These have been specifically designed with ethical investors in mind and are delivered with very high standards of customer service.

Our flagship service, Ethical Direct, offers full administration and back office management for your investment, SMSF or charitable trust portfolio. This provides a distinct service that allows you to filter your investment portfolio and veto individual stocks in line with your personal ethical preferences.

Our Wrap Platform Ethical Managed Fund Portfolios also provide access to a mix of ethical managed funds, with each portfolio carefully tailored to the specific investment goals, risk profile and ethical concerns of the client. Benefits include wholesale fund management fees, comprehensive reporting on all holdings, accurate performance returns, year-end tax reporting for investment accounts and comprehensive tracking of superannuation accounts.

As part of the financial planning process, your adviser will recommend the service that we consider best suited to what you are wanting to achieve. All our portfolio management service packages are designed to provide you with peace of mind, knowing your investments are being expertly managed by a team of dedicated ethical investment specialists.