Build your wealth by investing in companies that are developing products and services that contribute to a better world. Ethical Investments have been proven to generate competitive returns with the added value of bringing about positive change for society

Ethical screening process

21st century issues such as climate change, unsustainable consumption and resource scarcity have opened doors for new investment opportunities that are on the radar for ethical investors.

Developed as a result of over 30 years of dealing directly with investors, the EIS ethical screening process takes a unique approach to screening portfolios and investments for ethical considerations.

EIS employs a combination of negative and positive screening.

EIS applies a negative screen to investment in gambling, alcohol, tobacco, armaments, uranium mining, child labour, human rights abuse, old growth and native forest logging, land degradation, animal cruelty, fossil fuels extraction including coal and coal seam gas (fracking), genetic modification, excessive consumerism, and third world exploitation.

EIS applies a positive screen for renewable energy, social enterprise, organic produce, community development, sustainable design, recycling, waste management, fair trade, clean technology, healthcare and community finance